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Exhibition Scope
Analytical Instruments
Electron optics Electron microscope | Electron microprobe | Surface analyzer Mass spectrometry Organic mass spectrometer | Inorganic / isotope mass spectrometer | Biological mass spectrometry | Coupled mass spectrometry
Spectroscopy Molecular spectroscopy | Atomic spectroscopy | Coupled spectroscopy Chromatography Gas / liquid chromatographer | Ion chromatography | Supercritical fluid chromatography | Coupled chromatography
Magnetic resonance Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer | Paramagnetic resonance spectrometer | Magnetic imaging instrument Electrochemical analyzer Electrochemical sensors | Coupled electrochemical analyzer
Microscope and image analyzer Optical microscope | Scanning confocal microscope | Image analyzer Reagents and Major Components Reagents for Organic, inorganic, biochemical analysis | Certified reference materials and reference materials | Light source, grating, CCD and other receivers | Column and filler for chromatography | Valve / pump / seal | Mass analyzer | Optical lenses | Sensors | Application software
Thermal analysis instrument                          On-site Screening Instrument
Pre-processing device for sample 

Physical performance testing instrument
Material testing machine | Non-destructive testing and detection instrument | Acoustic and vibration meter | Specific surface / particle size meter

Life sciences instrument
Biochemical analyzer | DNA sequencer | DNA sequencer | PCR amplifier | Nucleic acid sample preparation and cell separation | Electrophoresis instrument | Flow cytometry instrument | Automatic synthesizer | Image and imaging technology | Biological information system

Environment monitoring and testing dedicated instrument
Online environment monitoring instrument | Contaminant detectors

Measuring instruments and quality control

Radiation detection instruments
?, α, β radiation detector | X-ray detector | Neutron activation analyser | Radioactive explosives detector

Electronic measuring instrument
Universal electronic measuring instrument | Communication measurement / network analyzer | RF / microwave testing instrument | LSI testing instrument

Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory and Services
Laboratory information management system | Laboratory design / furniture / ventilated cabinet | Waste disposal and recycling | Analytical testing services

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