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Last year's BCEIA 2015 has revolved around the theme of "Moving Towards A Green Future", and hosted 370 academic conferences and technological seminars. Reports invited Hou Jianguo, Academician and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC, ZHANG Ze, Academician from Zhejiang University, and Professor R. Graham Cooks from Purdue University and other famous scientists to present the audiences 10 wonderful conference academic reports; 9 panels were held in fields such as chromatography, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, electrochemical, electron optics, life sciences & environmental analysis, measurement & standard chemical substances; and moreover lectures revolving around social hot topics have also met with a warm welcome of the forum participants.
The number of companies attending the exhibition and number of exhibition stands was very high. BCEIA has always been the best platform for announcing new technologies and products for multiple both domestic and foreign companies and during BCEIA 2015 over 3000 advanced international and national equipment & devices were exhibited.
BCEIA 2015 has made many breakthroughs. Registered audience reached 17,676 people, the number of attendees such as scholars, audience and businessmen was 55,873 people; The participants came from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and cities in China, and from 23 countries and regions; "Major National Scientific Equipment Development Stages Achievements Exhibition" was held for the first time; For the first time since 30 years of its creation, BCEIA managed to organize multiple seminars and exhibitions during one event, substantially promoting the communication between scholars, exhibitors and audience.

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