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Service and Allocation of Standard Booth

  1. Standard booth sketch
  1. Fascia board: 300 mm in height, and 3000 mm in length. With name of the exhibitor in both Chinese and English languages, and color specified by the organizer.
  2.  Exhibition frame, panel: Triple-Junction exhibition wall by using standard-white powder printing   octagon aluminum alloy and clean white fireproofing panel. The size of the back and side panels is 950 mm in width and 2460 mm in height. The booth around the corner has one panel less than the others, namely: with only one back panel and one side panel, but with one more fascia board.
  3. Blanket: paved in every 9-square-meter standard booth, with color specified by the organizer;
  4. Furniture inside booth: one information counter, two folding chair and one waste paper basket in every  9 square meters;
  5. Illumination: two fluorescent lamps of 40w in every 9 square meters;
  6. Power supply: a socket of 5A/220v (500w) in every 9 square meters



Notes: the sketch above is the general model and allocation of a standard booth. Standard booths of the Analysis and Testing Exhibitions are variations on the basis of the above picture, and furniture, artwork and electricians are different. For specific information, you may refer to the pictures of the previous exhibitions.




An official exhibition contractor will be appointed to handle special designs for boothfitting, Professional transportation companies will be entrusted to handle shipping affairs.


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