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The Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA) organized by China Association for Instrumental Analysis, that during 30 years of perfection and development has always adhered to the "Analytical Science Create Future" progress driving force, and upheld the principles of integration of national strategy requirements and scientific discovery, has been held successfully for the 16th time. BCEIA has already become the most professional and most widely known event in the national analysis & testing field, and it has played a huge role in the promotion of international scientific communication and the development of China's scientific analysis and testing field and analysis equipment manufacturing.
The 17th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA 2017) will continue to adhere to the " Analytical Science Create Future" and will host a series of scientific seminars, specialized foras and equipment exhibitions revolving around the theme of " Moving Towards A Green Future", making it even more focused on the needs of social development. BCEIA 2017 will be held on October 10-13 2017 in Beijing International Convention Center.
We are warmly welcoming industry professionals, equipment manufacturers and all of those interested in BCEIA to take part in the exhibition!

Organizational Structure of BCEIA 2017

Jinpei Cheng      Academician of CAS
Vice-chairman of Committee of Education,Science,Culture,Public Health and Sports, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

Vice- Chairman
Guibin Jiang         Academician of CAS       President of CAIA
Xuemin Zhang      Academician of CAS       Vice-president of CAIA
Ze Zhang              Academician of CAS       Zhejiang University
Yukui Zhang         Academician of CAS       The Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,CAS
Xinrong Zhang      Professor                        Vice-President and Secretary General of CAIA
Zaipaer ·Abulizi     Professor                        Vice-president of CAIA
He Tian                 Senior Engineer              Vice-president of CAIA
Chengyan Liu        Researcher                     Vice-president of CAIA

Organizing Committee

Xinrong Zhang        Professor            Vice-President and Secretary General of CAIA

Vice- Chairman
Yuying Zhang          Researcher    Executive Deputy Vice-Secretary General of CAIA
Qiankun Zhuang      Professor       National Science Foundation of China
Huwei Liu                 Professor       Peking University
Hongmei Li              Researcher    National Institute of Metrology, China
Zhenzhu Ma             Researcher    China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co.,Lt

Academic Conference:

Ze Zhang                 Academician of CAS   Zhejiang University

Vice Chairman
Hongyuan CHEN      Academician of CAS   Nanjing University

Secretary General
Xinrong Zhang            Professor       Vice-President and Secretary General of CAIA
Advisory Board Members (listed by alpha-betacal order)

Benli HUANG        Academician of CAS     Xiamen University
Guofan JIN            Academician of CAE     Tsinghua University
Peizhang LU         Academician of CAS     Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,CAS
Yunyu SHI             Academician of CAS     University of Science and Technology of China
Fusheng WEI        Academician of CAE     China National Environmental Monitoring Center
Hengqiang YE       Academician of CAS     Shenyang Institute of Metal Research,CAS

Members (listed by letter)

Zaipaer Abulizi                  Professor               Minzu University of China
Edward S. Yeung              Professor               Lowa State University,USA
Hubert H. Girault               Professor               Swiss federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
Guibin JIANG            Academician of CAS     Research Centerfor Eco-Environmental Sciences,CAS
Yulin DENG                       Professor               Beijing Institute of Technology
Knut W. Urban                   Professor              ER-Center for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons, Jülich, Germany
K. W. Michael SIU #          Professor               York University, Canada
Shuying LIU                       Researcher            Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS
Liang LI                             Professor               University of Alberta, Canada
Xiaohong QIAN                  Researcher           Beijing Proteome Research Center
Reinhard NIESSNER          Professor             Technical University of Munich,Germany
R. Graham Cooks              Professor               Purdue University,USA
Yuanhua SHAO                  Professor              Peking University
Erkang WANG            Academician of CAS     Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry,CAS
Haizhou WANG          Academician of CAE     China Iron & Steel Research Institute,CISRI
X. Chris LE#                      Professor               University of Alberta, Canada
Xiurong YANG            Academician of CAS      Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry,CAS
Zhaohui YE                Academician of CAS      Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics,CAS
Xinrong ZHANG                 Professor               Tsinghua University
Xuemin ZHANG          Academician of CAS      Academy of Military Medical Sciences
Yukui ZHANG             Academician of CAS      Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,CAS
# Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

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